Yolanda generates renters for her investment properties

Yolanda Katsha, Property Investor

30 leads

in less than 7 days


signed in 3 days of running ads

10 hours

saved per month on creating ads

About company

Yolanda Katsha is a property investor with plans and goals to increase her property portfolio as she navigates this world of property investment


target market


social media

“AgentGo helps me to find renters for my investment properties without hiring a real estate agent.”

Yolanda Katsha

Property Investor


Paying for real estate agent's services is expensive, whereas the quality is not always there. In addition, the whole process could take a couple of weeks from start to finish. Yolanda decided to take advantage of social media ads to find and sign renters herself.


Yolanda reached out to the AgentGo team to help her create and connect all Facebook assets, come up with the converting ad copy and image and launch a campaign on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. 


In less than 7 days of running a renter campaign on AgentGo, Yolanda was able to generate over 30 leads and signed a lease with one of those leads in just 3 days.