About AgentGo


AgentGo is a lead generation platform for real estate agents. It connects to your Facebook and Instagram profiles and is able to create ads on behalf of you that attract potential customers.

You’re in control of your lead generation efforts since AgentGo makes it easy to run professional Social Media campaigns with predictable outcomes. You can personalize your ads as much as you want and grow a strong online presence in your area over time.

Our users can choose what type of leads they want: 

  • Seller
  • Buyers
  • Renters
  • Landlords
  • Investors

You can narrow down your leads by choosing what type of properties you want to focus on: 

  • House
  • Condo/apartment
  • Townhouse
  • Luxury
  • Land
  • Pre-construction


Who is it built for?

AgentGo is built for any real estate professional who wants to grow a business. 

  • Solo agent 
  • Team of agents 
  • Brokerage with multiple offices across the country
  • A builder who needs to find buyers 
  • Marketing agency

Solo agents will find it useful to launch their careers and find their first customers. Social Media is a great way to expand your search beyond your brokerage, friends, and family. Build your online presence with AgentGo.

A team of agents will benefit from the variety of templates and analytics features. You can use a single account to manage multiple agents. You don’t need to overpay a marketing agency to do ads for you. Just rely on AgentGo to do the heavy lifting. 

Brokerages with multiple offices can benefit from our flexible integration with any platform, opportunity to white-label the platform, and unique affiliate program. 

Builders can create a pool of potential buyers for their property without overpaying on ads or wasting time testing ads. We have ready-to-go audiences for any type of property you might have. 

A marketing agency can save time on creating and managing multiple agents and/or brokerages. You can join or affiliate program to get even more benefits from the platform. 



The ultimate results would vary depending on the competition level in your market so here I can provide some averages that we have for Canada and the US.

Note: Costs in South Africa and Nigeria are 3 times lower than in Canada and the US. 

Approximate cost per lead:

  • $3-6 for buyer leads 
  • $15-35 for seller leads 
  • $25-35 for pre-construction

Conversion Rate: Depending on your competition level you can expect a conversion rate ranging between 2%-6%. Be patient, don’t expect leads to convert right away.

Read these case studies to learn more about AgentGo's performance.


I got leads what’s next? 

Keep in mind that getting leads is only half of the journey, the next step is to build a repo with them.

Therefore here are a few tips for you:

  • Try to call/respond within the first hour – it is really important since the online world is fast and they may submit multiple forms with your competitors or simply forget about submitting the form if you take too long to contact them. 
  • Try to send them a text message instead of calling them. Lots of people prefer this way of communication. 
  • Run branding campaigns along with lead generation – it will help with building trust. AgentGo has branding templates as well.
  • Manage your expectation – not all leads will and should convert, don’t get discouraged if some people say nonsense over the phone or via text. 
  • It’s normal to have some percentage of bad leads – you can include more pre-qualifying questions to filter leads more. 
  • You can think of hiring an ISA company or an assistant who will set appointments for you and have initial conversations if you don’t have time for it.

Real Estate marketing is a long-term game, don’t give up after a couple of weeks of trying. It’s a relationship business and any relationship takes time to build.