Tyler McLay capitalizes on AgentGo's ability to target new construction audience

Tyler McLay Realty Group, Real Estate Team in Toronto


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Tyler McLay Realty Group strives to deliver the greatest value from start to finish, meanwhile capitalizing on every opportunity to create a memorable yet simplified experience with each and every client


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“Our agents use AgentGo to create pre-con listing ads and save dozens of hours per month.”

Tyler McLay Realty Group

Real Estate Team in Toronto


Toronto is known for its boom in pre-construction projects across the city. Being mostly focused on new construction, Tyler McLay Realty Group is utilizing Facebook Ads Manager to create multiple ads per month to reach investors and regular condo buyers. However, due to the Ads Manager's complexity, Tyler's team has been spending hours developing and launching those ads.


At the beginning of 2022, Tyler McLay and his team switched to AgentGo to utilize its variety of templates for pre-construction projects and market-ready audiences to simplify and speed up the targeting setup.


Within the first month, Tyler's team spent 12 hours less on creating ads through AgentGo compared to Ads Manager. Not only that, but the efficiency of the ads has dramatically improved while the cost remained the same.